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Environmental Disasters

When Disaster Strikes, We’ll Get Your Message Out Fast

Hurricanes, tornadoes, wildfires, earthquakes—all devastating natural events that lead to destruction of property and loss of life.

When a disaster occurs, it’s important to get your message out early and often as individuals and businesses look to collect insurance money for their losses. CAMG will get your firm’s advertising created and on the air in a matter of days!

If your market has been hit with an environmental disaster, call CAMG to help you get your message out quickly and efficiently.

More Than Just Marketing

If you’re deluged with potential clients, CAMG offers a host of services to make intake, contract signing, and records retrieval fast and easy.

Call today to see how we can help your firm with:

  • Phone Services, including 24/7 call center and custom toll-free numbers
  • Contract Services to get your contracts back, signed
  • Medical Records retrieval

With years of experience in legal marketing and services, CAMG is your trusted partner for your Environmental Disasters campaign. Contact us today to get started.

Composite graphic representing environmental disaster ads for law firm marketing

Landing Pages

Screen capture of a page about water lawsuits


Photo of a wildfire burning as a social media ad for injury law firm marketing
Photo of warning sign for contaminated water as a social media ad for law firm marketing
Photo of a wildfire burning as a social media ad for injury law firm marketing
Photo representing an environmental disaster as a social media ad for injury lawyer marketing
Photo of a plane putting out wildfires as a social media ad for law firm marketing

CAMG has thousands of spots and infomercials that can be branded for your firm. Reach out to us for the latest creative offline and online examples*.
*Examples shown are not always current examples.

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