A Letter From Steve Nober

Friends and Colleagues,

We hope everyone is doing well during these uncertain times. Our thoughts are with all those who have been affected by COVID-19. At CAMG, we believe it is our role and responsibility during this time to prioritize the health and well-being of our employees and partners, as well as to support our law firm clients as they adjust to changing work environments, as many offices have begun to work remotely.

The team at CAMG is here to help your law firm through these challenging times, from providing additional administrative support with call handling, contract processing, and medical record retrieval to helping you stay informed about the marketing of each practice area. It took some work, but we have made the adjustments at CAMG so our staff has the option to work from home as needed and keeping safety our first priority.

CAMG is here to help

We realize your staff may be working remotely, making phone intake, contract processing, and other tasks more challenging. CAMG is here to support your law firm.

  • Our call centers (CATS) remain open, providing 24/7 coverage and with both English-speaking and Spanish-speaking representatives.
  • Getting contracts out to prospective clients and back signed, is crucial. CAMG’s contact services division (CACS) can help with digital or hard paper signing, especially as you may be short-staffed during COVID-19.
  • As physician’s offices, hospitals, and healthcare facilities are busy respondingto COVID-19, it may be more challenging than usual to retrieve medical records. Our medical records services division (CARS) has a database of over 90,000 facilities across the country and offers an easy-to-use secure online portal, allowing you to check records and status remotely.
  • In addition, we offer medical review by a team with over 20 years of experience in medical research and review. We provide chronological summaries and mass tort grids to fit your needs.

All of our service divisions will remain 100% operational through these crazy times.

Stay Informed with CAMG at a safe distance

We understand the need to stay informed about litigations, especially with many conferences being cancelled. I fly across the country all year long to share data withlawyers and know how valuable the performance data is when you’re running campaigns or considering entering a tort.

Between conferences our Legal Marketing Index, our Webinars or speaking to our team may helpful and be a safe way to stay updated. We have hosted Webinars with leadership attorneys for emerging torts, including our most recent Belviq webinar from March 10 with Aimee Wagstaff and David Wool from Andrus Wagstaff. Additional recent webinars in our library include JUUL, Truvada, Zantac, and 3M Military Earplugs, as well as additional litigations.

Download our webinar recordings here
Access our Legal Marketing Index

Contact your sales rep for a Q & A guide for many of the webinars or for questions about litigations.

Media Opportunities with Increased Exposure and ROI

As more people are taking precautionary measures to stay or work from home, the commercials we run, both digital and TV, will be in front of a larger audience of prospective clients, providing you with increased opportunity to assist injured victims seeking justice. We can also help craft and produce creative to help show your community the support, resources, etc., that your firm may be providing.

The key is we are continuing to operate at full steam ahead to ensure seamless marketing campaigns.

As we move through these challenging times together, CAMG will be here to providecomprehensive support to your law firm.

Please reach out to me or your sales rep for anything you need. We’re happy to help.


Steve Nober
President & CEO


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