COVID-19 Updates

We’re Here to Support Your Firm

As we face the challenges of the novel coronavirus together, our thoughts are with those affected by COVID-19. We appreciate the challenges law firms face as we traverse uncharted territory. We know firms are interested in keeping their practices and client acquisition moving during these times. As your marketing partner, we are here to support your firm.

Since our inception, the CAMG mission has included sharing relevant, comprehensive data and information with the legal industry. In keeping with that tradition, we will be sharing updates, including media industry data, marketing news, and other information to support your marketing and client acquisition efforts.

Please bookmark this page to check back regularly for updates. We stand as a community together as we move through the pandemic.

Still photo from a video with Steve Nober from Consumer Attorney Marketing Group

Video: An Update With Steve Nober, Episode 4

Watch Episode 4 for an update on Talc and other Mass Torts, Business Interruption litigation and CAMG’s Policy Retrieval Service, …

Still photo from a video with Steve Nober from Consumer Attorney Marketing Group

Video: An Update With CEO Steve Nober, Episode 3

Learn about COVID-related updates on the media landscape, emerging litigations related to the pandemic, and how CAMG is supporting the …

Still of a city skyline representing COVID-19 marketing materials for injury and mass tort law firms

Video: COVID-19 Creative For Your Local Market

We’ll have your COVID-19 spot on the air in your local market within days, customized with images of your city …

Video: “Moving Forward,” Messages Of Unity From Our Legal Community

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Video: Steve Nober Makes Sense Out Of The Current COVID Media Landscape

COVID-19 Media Intel

Hi, I’m Steve Nober, CEO of CAMG, and I’d like to pass along some very interesting and pertinent intel. Our …

Video: A Special Message From Steve Nober

Staying Put: Consumers Forced Indoors During Crisis Spend More Time On Media

Regardless of whether you call it social distancing, quarantining or retreating to a safe place, heading home amid concerns about …

A Letter From Steve Nober

Friends and Colleagues, We hope everyone is doing well during these uncertain times. Our thoughts are with all those who …

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Now more than ever, ethics count. “A Lawyer’s Ethics Obligations When Participating in a Lead Generation Program,” authored by a team of ethics and compliance attorneys, is continuously updated with the latest rules.

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