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Lung Cancer/Mesothelioma

When it Comes to Lung Cancer/Meso Campaigns, You’ll Want CAMG on your Team

CAMG is at the forefront of Lung Cancer/Mesothelioma marketing. We have a game plan that will help you acquire asbestos lung cancer cases, as well as those “needle-in-a-haystack” meso cases. By capturing more prevalent lung cancer leads (and acquiring those clients), you can use those cases to extend your budget while the more elusive meso cases are found.

Leveraging Lung Cancer Cases to Fund Your Meso Campaign

CAMG has developed a unique strategy that leverages lung cancer cases to essentially fund your campaign while still searching for those qualified meso cases. This has proven to be very successful for our clients and keeps firms in the market over extended periods of time.

A Diversified Media Strategy, Plus the CAMG Infomercial

A diversified media mix is crucial to reaching prospective clients. CAMG offers the full spectrum of online and offline media for your Asbestos campaign, including our exclusive long-form infomercial, which provides additional time to inform prospective clients and to build trust. Our in-house creative team is adept at constructing compelling messaging, whether for digital or TV. We also have pre-produced spots and infomercials that can be branded for your firm.

A Media Team that Reacts and Responds in Real-Time

Our secret lies in CAMG’s agile media team which reacts and responds in real-time to media performance, leveraging all performance and data points weekly to make informed, media-agnostic decisions. This week-to-week, data-driven approach is a key component to our continued success with Asbestos/Meso campaigns.

Applying Data to Make Smart Marketing Decisions

In keeping with our transparent approach, we not only share performance metrics but also publish relevant data on all facets of the acquisition process. We share marketing metrics and analysis, including our exclusive response heat map, injury analysis, contracting processing details, medical record data, and more to help you make smart marketing decisions.

CAMG Covers All the Bases for an Efficient Lung Cancer/Meso Campaign

As you can see, our Asbestos/Meso program covers all the bases to help increase efficiency when you’re running a campaign. Our portfolio of services including call center, contract processing, and medical record retrieval brings unparalleled access to information and support for your campaign.

When a Meso call is qualified, our Call Center “hot transfers” and connects the lead with a lawyer from your firm in real time. CAMG is here to partner with you every step of the way and increase your odds of bringing in those “needle in the haystack” meso cases, as well as asbestos lung cancer cases.

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CAMG has thousands of spots and infomercials that can be branded for your firm. Reach out to us for the latest creative offline and online examples*.
*Examples shown are not always current examples.

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