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Meet Our Team

It starts with a media team that is the best in the business. Our team brings trade strategies, insights, and relationships with ad community contacts built over years at top agencies. We know who to call and are not intimidated to negotiate on behalf of our clients. Our experience goes beyond Direct Response to include General Market buying and planning, and using media industry resources.

Direct Response Marketing Meets General Market Practices

CAMG applies Direct Response (DR) media buying strategies with General Market (GM) media practices, which sets us apart from other DR agencies. Marketing dollars are bought utilizing DR rates and tracked with extremely high efficiencies. This allows us to negotiate for lower long-term rates, while still being able to optimize media schedules based on response data (calls, leads, and cases).

CAMG’s powerful model integrates our innovative technology with data, allowing us to find efficiencies in the market, regardless of your spend levels, to really drive results.

Never a Cookie-Cutter Buy

Our media team builds each plan according to market demographics and historical learning due to airing thousands of Mass Tort and Single Event campaigns across the country. We do our homework, conducting extensive market research, including behavioral analytics, to really understand your target demographic and best reach prospective clients for your firm.

Demographic Targeting

We know your target audience and their media consumption habits, across the online and offline spectrum, including Paid Social, TV, Radio, Out of Home, Streaming, and OTT, as well as for print and direct mail. Plus, our integrated service divisions provide us with unparalleled proprietary and historic data.

Tracking Response

At CAMG, our media team is constantly tracking and analyzing responses for the most efficient use of your marketing dollars. By assigning unique numbers, as well as other online and offline tracking tools, we know precisely where responses are coming from and direct your budget to what brings results, down to the media, station, day of week, daypart, and creative approach.


When you run a campaign with CAMG, we’ll never “set it and forget it.” In today’s marketing landscape, holistic attribution is key. Multiple factors go into marketing decisions, including our proprietary response data, analytics, and industry monitoring data. We continuously apply our learnings to adjust media spend, placing more money on top performers, while shifting out of non-performers.

A Media Agnostic Approach

With our data-driven, performance-centric approach, we can define the optimal mix of offline and online media for each campaign. We offer the full spectrum of media, including paid social, SEM, TV, radio, out-of-home, print, streaming, and OTT. We will always direct your marketing dollars to the approach that helps you acquire quality cases and increase your ROI, whether offline, online, or a hybrid of both.

Always Transparent

When you’re with CAMG, you can trust everything we do is transparent. You will always know exactly where and how your money is spent, as well as how your campaigns are performing. Our transparent approach provides your firm with media schedules, pricing, and performance metrics each week. Case acquisition is derived directly from the ads your law firm runs.

SEO done right

Our SEO team is the best in the legal industry. We rank national and local firms for PI, MVA, mass tort, family law and more. Contact us today for a complimentary audit and program to generate you more cases at a highly efficient cost per case.

CAMG Ethics White Paper

Now more than ever, ethics count. “A Lawyer’s Ethics Obligations When Participating in a Lead Generation Program,” authored by a team of ethics and compliance attorneys, is continuously updated with the latest rules.

Are you looking for data-driven marketing for your law firm?

As a full-service agency, CAMG handles everything from marketing and creative to the support your law firm needs to operate campaigns at the maximum efficiency.
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It’s no wonder leadership firms use CAMG.

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They rock! – Roger W. Orlando, The Orlando Firm

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As a result of the CAMG’s transparent approach, we are able to deliver the most effective marketing campaigns and provide your firm with unique metrics week after week.

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MotionMetrics™ (MM) represents the pinnacle of CAMG’s innovation in legal marketing, combining proprietary data about individual markets’ traffic, accident and demographic patterns to identify strategic targeting for advertising opportunities.

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Audience Targeting

CAMG uses media industry monitoring tools to help define your target demographic. Our team continuously tracks, monitors, and analyzes performance metrics to provide relevant data.


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