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Consumer Attorney Public Relations can help law firms improve firm awareness, recognition, and trust with potential clients. By offering a comprehensive array of legal public relations combined with our suite of traditional and digital marketing services, we enable legal practices to use law firm PR innovatively and measurably. Our services include content creation, media monitoring, reputation management, press release writing and dissemination, social media profile management, and thought leadership.

Creating awareness of your law firm and establishing it as a trustworthy and authoritative source is essential for client development. But traditional legal public relations and marketing efforts don’t sufficiently address how people source their information today. Ever-progressing technology amplifies the fast-paced news cycle and increases the public’s access to information.

Law firms need to adapt to this increasingly competitive landscape. Consumer Attorney Public Relations is a full-service law firm PR and marketing agency that can help your firm meet this challenge successfully in ways others can’t.

Why Choose CAMG for Your Law Firm’s PR

Unlike other agencies, Consumer Attorney Public Relations focuses solely on law firms. No agency can match our knowledge of the law, law firms, and legal language. We also have valuable legal media contacts and know what specifically moves the needle for attorneys.

We develop comprehensive plans to address your firm’s goals and implement innovative public relations strategies by taking a proactive legal-minded approach. Our clients appreciate that we understand that law firms need a different approach to public relations than corporations and other organizations.

Consumer Attorney Public Relations recognizes that the practice of law, especially in complex mass tort or single-event cases, requires more than simply acquiring a client and going to trial. Steve and his team are creating possibilities for every one of us to explain to the American public that what we do really does matter.

We strategically focus on the services that generate the biggest impact. We choose quality over quantity and deliver measurable results. 

National and Local Legal Public Relations

National coverage generates greater prestige and has a further reach than local. A firm can leverage it for a more robust marketing strategy surrounding coverage. 

Our clients benefit from national coverage in a broad range of recognized publications, including Barstool SportsDaily HeraldFOX BusinessNew York Daily News, and Newsday.  

Every firm should include PR in their marketing plans. We’ve worked with dozens of PR agencies over the years who just don’t understand what we do. The folks at Consumer Attorney Public Relations follow and know our cases. They secured a feature article for us about our human trafficking work and leveraged our sponsorships to get us even more media coverage in broadcast, radio, and print.

However, local coverage generates greater trust and a targeted focus. A firm can establish a more substantial presence in a market with a more focused target audience and less competition. This allows for increased reputation management, messaging control, and firm recognition. 

We work with law firms across the country. To address each client’s unique local coverage needs, we secure coverage in local markets. Past media features have appeared in Chicago ParentPensacola News-JournalLos Angeles Daily News, and Long Island Press.

Our Legal PR Services

Our innovative approach to law firm PR elevates traditional law firm marketing and public relations by utilizing the latest technology. This ensures each law firm takes control of its messaging and reputation among potential clients. 

Content Creation

To engage with potential clients, a law firm needs sharable content. This goes beyond blog posts. Our knowledgeable team works with law firms to establish content calendars that speak directly to the firm's legal accomplishments, services offered, and community public service work. 

We then use digital, radio, television, and print marketing to create platform-specific messaging. This establishes a single firm voice that speaks directly to your potential clients. 

Event Planning and Execution

Hosting an event is an opportunity for a law firm to connect in person with potential, current, and past clients. It also can facilitate in-person connections with other legal professionals. 

In both of these situations, the event represents the law firm. We aid in the planning and execution to ensure the event effectively and accurately represents the law firm. 

Media Monitoring

Media monitoring keeps a law firm aware of the narrative created by outside parties. Time is of the essence when addressing potentially damaging negative messaging. Failure to respond or correct negative messaging could result in adverse consequences for a law firm, its attorneys, and its clients. 

Our media monitoring services ensure a law firm responds promptly to address or correct potentially damaging media. This reputational management protects the firm and its clients. 

Media monitoring is not solely for tracking negative sentiment, but also provides opportunities for you to comment on timely news stories related to your practice areas.

Reputation Management

A law firm's reputation can make or break its long-term success. Active reputation management ensures that a firm controls its image. We work with clients to align the firm's reputation with marketing efforts and strategy. 

First, we focus on establishing official messaging for all press-related communications. Second, we create crisis management protocols. 

While no law firm wants negative press, the very nature of legal representation includes this risk. With our diligent reputation management services, firms actively address potentially negative press. 

Prospective clients see how your firm handles these attacks on the firm's reputation. How you address the situation can have a more powerful impact than the initial defamatory coverage. 

Press Releases

Drafting and disseminating press releases highlights the success of your lawyers and law firm. While traditional law firm PR elements remain relevant for press releases, we take an innovative approach. It simply is not enough to write and distribute a press release. 

Our firm works with law firms to leverage press releases to showcase the firm's legal knowledge, firm culture, and individual lawyers. Doing so establishes press releases as a vital element of the firm's marketing plan. 

By humanizing your staff, we allow potential clients to connect with your firm, deepening familiarity and trust.

Social Media

Historically, law firms depended on in-person marketing and referrals as a core marketing strategy. Social media platforms have established new ways of connecting with others. 

Initially viewed as unprofessional, they are now a core element of digital marketing. Social media allows law firms to engage directly with current and potential clients. Our team facilitates these efforts by monitoring trending topics, drafting posts, and measuring success through data-driven reporting.

Using data to determine a marketing or public relations campaign's success enables strategic decision-making. We use digital tracking tools to report measurable results and identify future opportunities. 

Thought Leadership

Establishing your firm as a thought leader is essential for developing authority and trust. Staying active with content creation and dissemination allows you to showcase your firm's expertise and become a go-to source of authority for legal topics. 

This ensures the firm's name becomes a trusted source of information. We take an innovative approach to thought leadership by combining traditional and modern law firm public relations principles. In addition to in-person referrals, we focus on digital efforts and mutually beneficial relationship-building with key news outlets. 

We develop a customized plan for each firm, whether it is starting its public relations efforts or looking to build on an existing marketing plan.

Why a Law Firm Needs PR

Utilizing law firm PR efforts allows a law firm to take control of its reputation and image. It also enables law firms to increase the frequency of media coverage, which improves firm recognition and familiarity among potential clients. 

Consistent media messaging establishes trust and credibility in a law firm as an expert in its practice area. Familiarity and trust become the foundation for establishing top-of-mind awareness among potential clients. The resulting benefit is a measurable increase in qualified lead generation.

Knowing When to Start a PR Campaign

Having an established public relations strategy ensures your law firm stays in control of the messaging about the firm. By working with Consumer Attorney Public Relations, your firm can utilize technology for agile media messaging. This ensures your firm’s messaging and communications align with trending topics and events.  

We work with clients to strategize and plan a coordinated marketing and public relations campaign to align with the representation strategy of the law firm. This includes creating awareness of a case, tracking and providing status communications, and announcing the outcome. 

Amplify Your Law Firm's PR 

The experienced team at Consumer Attorney Public Relations advances your law firm by providing innovative public relations and marketing services. 

Our data-focused approach ensures that your firm’s strategic plan results in an increase in qualified clients by measurably defining campaign results. We work with you to establish a plan that employs a broad range of services for a comprehensive approach that improves law firm awareness, recognition, reputation, and cases. 

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