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Contract Services

The Secure, Streamlined Approach to Contract Processing We know getting qualified clients signed is the ultimate goal of your marketing. We developed Consumer Attorney Contract Services (CACS) to put best practices into place.

Data Publishing

Data Services Provides a Detailed Look at Data, Analysis, and Trends CAMG’s Data Services division publishes Marketing Data & Analysis Reference Guides for various practice areas and mass torts, as well as a Scarborough Reference guide, which takes a deeper dive into data and analysis.

Intake Services

Every Case Starts with a Call We developed our Intake Services division (CATS) to provide law firms with 24/7 coverage, using the best practices of call handling.

Medical Record Retrieval

Medical record retrieval is an essential service for people who have to collect medical records for specific patient needs, clinical verification, follow-up procedures, collaborative clinical management, and medical research.

Medical Record Review

Medical records review involves gathering and analyzing an individual’s medical records, including hospitalization records, medical history reports, and laboratory results. Attorneys for both plaintiffs and defendants may need to conduct medical record reviews to support or defend clients against various claims.

Phone Management

Consumer Attorney Phone Services Has Your Number – 10K of Them! From national toll-free numbers to memorable numbers in your local area code, CAMG and our phone management division Consumer Attorney Phone Services (CAPS) will help you get what you’re looking for so you can evolve your marketing today.

The CAMG Legal Marketing Index®. Significantly increase your marketing success, on us.

CAMG’s Legal Marketing Index® offers unprecedented reporting and comprehensive analysis of real-time data. Because more intelligent marketing decisions mean a better ROI.

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