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Elmiron: Legal Optics and Overview
Cancer Risks of the Weight Loss Drug Belviq - An Emerging Litigation
The Defect They've Known and Never Fixed
Zantac - The Cancer Within
Severe Nicotine Addiction and Other Serious Health Problems in Adolescents and Young Adults
Must see Truvada TDF Webinar
MUST-SEE First Time Ever Webinar (Zostavax)
3M's Combat Arms Ear Plugs Associated with Hearing Damage in U.S. Veterans
Gadolinium-Based Contrast Agent Linked to Debilitating Injuries Despite Safe Alternative
Incretin Mimetics Used to Treat Diabetes Causing Pancreatic Cancer
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Specialized Proof of Claim Retrieval & Filing for Scout Abuse Cases.

Be prepared for the November 16 filing deadline.

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