Single Event

Single Event Marketing That Helps You Stand Out in a Competitive Market

When it comes to marketing your single event practice, CAMG understands the ins and outs of generating new cases and branding your firm to keep your messaging at top of mind.

With an in-house creative team, we provide the full spectrum of online and offline media for your campaign, from Paid Social, SEM, streaming, and OTT to TV, radio, out-of-home, print and direct mail.

Custom-Tailored Planning for Each Client

Our media team views each client individually with a unique set of objectives and we tailor our media plan to meet the specific needs of your desired market.

We often implement a hybrid approach that increases response volume while also driving brand awareness. Our seasoned buyers do extensive research on each local market and receive local intel from stations.

The CAMG Approach

CAMG’s custom approach goes beyond the proposal. We track the performance and response for each and every campaign. Our team continuously analyzes data and optimizes campaigns for efficiency of market for an approach that is far superior to “set it and forget it”.

Our team is always taking ever-changing market conditions into consideration. Even after we’ve completed a proposal, we have the ability to pare down spend, drill down to specifics, and tailor even more to align with your firm’s goals.

We Laser Focus Your Message Where Your Clients Need It Most

In the competitive arena of single event and personal injury marketing, CAMG’s innovative MotionMetrics℠ tool helps you target your prospective audience with a hyper focus. We track collision and traffic pattern data to understand where, when, and how to direct your message; from Out-Of-Home to digital and more.

During COVID-19, we developed our Mobility Index, applying daily metrics and geographic data from mobile devices to effectively leverage ad campaigns during the height of the pandemic and beyond, as communities began various stages of reopening.

Stand Out with Our Personal Injury Infomercial

CAMG’s exclusive infomercial helps you stand out from competitors. The long-form format gives you close to a half-hour to inform the audience, brand your firm, and build trust. Because you own the spot, you can insert your commercials at breaks.

The CAMG Advantage

  • Tracking and data analysis lead to better optimization
  • Holistic attribution with client response data, analytics, etc.
  • Digital and Offline Creative
  • Paid Social, SEM, TV, Radio, Out-Of-Home, Print, Direct Mail, Streaming, OTT

Practice Areas Include

  • Personal Injury/Auto Accidents
  • Bankruptcy
  • Business Interruption
  • Trucking
  • Nursing Home
  • Medical Malpractice
  • Workers Compensation
Composite graphic for representing television ads for law firm marketing
Composite graphic representing social media advertising for law firm marketing
Composite graphic representing out-of-home ads for law firm marketing
Composite graphic representing infomercials for law firm marketing
Composite graphic representing landing page ads for law firm marketing
Composite graphic representing print ads for law firm marketing

CAMG has thousands of spots and infomercials that can be branded for your firm. Reach out to us for the latest creative offline and online examples*.
*Examples shown are not always current examples.

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