Elevating the Art and Science of Legal Marketing

MotionMetrics (MM) represents the pinnacle of CAMG’s innovation in legal marketing, combining proprietary data about individual markets’ traffic, accident and demographic patterns to identify strategic targeting for advertising opportunities. Your competitors have no visibility to this data as it’s never been available before. One firm in each city will have exclusive rights to MotionMetrics, giving you sizeable competitive advantage.

Exclusive Data and Analytics

CAMG’s data scientists developed this state-of-the-art application by combining exclusive data from a number of sources. We analyze data about how prospective clients move around your market on a regular basis, as finely detailed as time and day, main areas of congestion, longitude and latitude of accident hot spots, prime advertising locations, and more.

We also take into consideration changes in consumer behavior related to COVID-19 and other ongoing market conditions. Our team of data analysts use this data to create heat maps for each city or market. This analysis and the heat maps help us determine key traffic patterns, allowing us to make smarter decisions when deploying advertising for your firm.

Graphic with data from Motion Metrics app for injury lawyers from Consumer Attorney Marketing Group

How It Can Help You

Laying MM heat maps with key hot spots over Outdoor Service Provider locations in a market shows us not just what is available, but which locations can really make a difference based on data about congestion, accidents and traffic patterns.

We then rate each location and assign it an M-Score. The M-Score algorithm factors three key aspects of placement quality:

  • Visibility: The size, position, and notability of a placement, relative to a driver’s line of sight.
  • Approach: The typical passing speed and average time each driver is engaged by that location.
  • Relevance: Whether a placement is adjacent to heavily congested or accident-prone location, or somewhere more remote, such as a desert or a rural area.
Graphic representing M score equation for injury lawyers

This is a huge advancement over the traffic volume or daily effective circulation metrics many vendors still rely on—even those using Geopath audience measurement—because M-Score is objective data on engagement. This is how CAMG negotiates with outdoor vendors and get your message at the right place for the right price.

With MM, CAMG is taking the art and science of legal marketing to a new level—the street level, to be precise.

Graphic representing traffic data for injury lawyer marketing

Personal Injury/Accident & Beyond

MotionMetrics can be used for Personal Injury/Accident campaigns but the applications don’t end there. MM can also be used to refine out-of-home strategies for other litigation types, including Nursing Home and Veteran-related campaigns. For example, we can look at traffic patterns into and around the neighborhoods where veterans live as well as veterans’ homes and hospitals, so you can target your ads to that audience.

Digital and Geotargeting

This data can also help guide your digital marketing efforts through geofencing, paid social and more, using MM Heat Maps to identify target hot spots and build marketing strategies around these center points.

Set up a radius around hot spot zones any size that makes sense. For example, you may want to set up a 5-mile radius from your firm’s office. MM can then build digital targeting plans anywhere that sit inside these hot spot zones.

Don’t Forget Radio

Data that shows when the most cars are on the road is key to leveraging the most listeners possible when advertising on radio. MM gives us the traffic high point data times and day parts so we can target radio to run when the most people are likely to tune in.

This increases the visibility while helping to reduce your cost of impression or reach & frequency. All of this helps you improve your radio results by lowering your cost of response and cost of new clients.

The Know-How to Win

Single Event firms, especially in hyper-competitive legal markets need an advantage. MotionMetrics is unlike anything that any agency has offered before. It is another way that CAMG is taking today’s innovative technologies and combining it with our legal marketing expertise to help our clients succeed in their markets. It’s time to talk MotionMetrics.

We will sign up one firm exclusively for each Market. Contact us now for details and to see if your Market is still available.

SEO done right

Our SEO team is the best in the legal industry. We rank national and local firms for PI, MVA, mass tort, family law and more. Contact us today for a complimentary audit and program to generate you more cases at a highly efficient cost per case.

CAMG Ethics White Paper

Now more than ever, ethics count. “A Lawyer’s Ethics Obligations When Participating in a Lead Generation Program,” authored by a team of ethics and compliance attorneys, is continuously updated with the latest rules.

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