Sex Abuse

CAMG’s 360-Degree Approach to Institutional Sex Abuse Litigation

At CAMG, our goal is to make an impact, supporting lawyers in your mission to help survivors hold predators and institutions accountable.

That’s why we’ve developed our comprehensive and innovative approach to institutional sex abuse campaigns, from marketing that starts with finely targeted demographics to data-based campaigns that optimize your marketing investment, as well as our exclusive Sex Abuse informercial and our Victim Intake Call Center dedicated to survivors.

We Know How to Reach Sex Abuse Survivors

We’ve run institutional sex abuse campaigns throughout the country, including Scouting Abuse and Clergy Abuse. We apply both industry monitoring data and likely consumer behaviors of our target with historical data from campaigns and intake for campaigns designed to reach your target audience.

Online and Offline Media Agnostic Approach

We know the challenges of converting sex abuse clients and the value of retargeting, as well as a diversified media mix. Because we offer the full spectrum of online and offline media, we can focus on what drives response, which may be a hybrid approach.

Pre-Produced Commercial Spots and Infomercials

CAMG has a library of available shorter form commercials and our exclusive sex abuse infomercial that can be branded for your firm. Our in-house production team can also film spots featuring lawyers from your firms in our state-of-the-art production studios.

Our hosts include renowned TV/radio psychologist and survivor Dr. Wendy Walsh, as well as male and female survivors. Bilingual hosts are available.

Our Exclusive Infomercial: More Time to Inform and Build Trust

Building trust is an essential component in getting prospective clients to respond. Our exclusive sex abuse infomercial provides nearly 30 minutes to engage and inform the audience, as well as build trust so they feel comfortable calling. Because you own the time, you can insert commercials for your firm between segments.

CAMG’s Victim Intake Call Center

From running Institutional Sex Abuse campaigns throughout the country, we’ve learned that the first interaction is crucial to converting a caller into a client. We developed our Victim Intake Caller Center dedicated solely to survivors.

Our representatives have backgrounds including behavioral health, social work, education, crisis intervention, and working with at-risk populations. In addition, our intake center staff is bilingual, with both male and female representatives.

All representatives are trained in the latest sex abuse intake protocols and direct non-qualifying callers to outside resources for support.

Landing Pages

Landing Pages


CAMG has thousands of spots and infomercials that can be branded for your firm. Reach out to us for the latest creative offline and online examples*.
*Examples shown are not always current examples.

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