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Consumer Attorney Phone Services Has Your Number – 10K of Them!

From national toll-free numbers to memorable numbers in your local area code, CAMG and our phone management division Consumer Attorney Phone Services (CAPS) will help you get what you’re looking for so you can evolve your marketing today.

When it comes to phone numbers, CAMG has you covered with access to one of the largest inventories of memorable, toll-free, and local numbers in the nation. As with all our services, Phone Management is available bundled with our marketing, call center, and/or other services or à la carte.

Memorable Numbers

In a highly competitive market, memorable numbers help you stand out and can provide long-term brand recognition for your firm. CAMG knows the ins and outs of choosing the right memorable number. For example, consecutive numbers are more memorable than a string of non-repeating numbers.

CAMG has a library of memorable and vanity toll-free and local numbers. Below, you’ll find a selection of examples.


  • 800-885-8888


  • 844-WATER-LAW
  • 800-BIZ-HELP

Local market

  • 215-200-2000
  • 310-JUSTICE
  • 213-LAWYERS

Unique Tracking Numbers

By assigning unique numbers to our offline and online advertising, we’re able to track campaign performance on the granular level, down to station, daypart, and day of week, as well as creative, length of ad, and quality of response. We use this information to make smart marketing decisions, investing more in what brings response and eliminating what isn’t working. For firms using memorable numbers, we can assign unique numbers to select spots to track performance.

Call Routing with Options

With CAMG’s Phone Management, we can route calls according to your preference. Select whether you want calls directed exclusively to your office or to our call center, 24/7 or after hours, so your firm doesn’t miss incoming calls from prospective clients. Phone call information is logged into our secure online portal, which provides you with 24/7 real-time access to call records.

CAMG has been an ideal partner! Transparent, responsive and focused on success.

Benjamin R. Schmickle , SWMW Law

Consistently the best advertising results in the legal business.

Bryan F. Aylstock , Aylstock, Witkin, Kreis & Overholtz

Combine this service with some or all of our other services to get your best response...

Intake Services

Our Intake Services division (CATS) will help you manage all calls that are generated from your marketing campaigns. CATS provides 24/7/365 call coverage with professionally trained live agents who act as an extension of your firm.

Contract Services

Consumer Attorney Contract Services (CACS) representatives are experts in legal contract acquisitions. We understand the highly competitive legal market and the importance of getting your clients signed.

Medical Record Retrieval

CAMG offers medical record retrieval services to law firms so they can focus on the case at hand. Contact us so we can help you get medical records for your clients.

Medical Record Review

Find out the importance of medical record review and how CAMG can help your law firm review medical records to substantiate a client’s health-related claims.

Data Publishing

We developed our monthly Legal Marketing Index™ to share pertinent media industry monitoring data and proprietary response data, as well as analysis for the most practice areas. We also publish our individual Reference Guides for a deeper dive.

The CAMG Legal Marketing Index®. Significantly increase your marketing success, on us.

CAMG’s Legal Marketing Index® offers unprecedented reporting and comprehensive analysis of real-time data. Because more intelligent marketing decisions mean a better ROI.

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