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Industry’s Only Infomercial Sets You Apart

CAMG is the only agency in the industry to offer both infomercials and 5-minute commercials for every tort, as well as for single event practices. Our infomercial provides you with close to a half hour to inform and build trust.

When you want to stand apart from your competitors, our exclusive long-form spots are a powerful tool to help you get noticed in national and local markets.

Up and Running Within 3 Weeks of Committing

Create your own custom infomercial with our hosts for a lot less than you would expect. We can have you up and running within three weeks of committing. You can also run one of our pre-produced infomercials or 5-minute spots with the branding for your firm or using the Legal Helpline℠ brand.

Broad Range of Production Options

Our in-house creative, production, and media teams produce and run both 28-minute, 30-second infomercials and 5-minute commercials. We provide a broad range of production options, including a news-style or feature-style program.

Our professional hosts can report on one mass tort or multiple mass torts and can interview medical experts and attorneys from your firm. We can also feature testimonials.

We also offer Personal Injury/Single Event infomercials and 5-minute commercials. Delve into specific topics and highlight your firm.

The Breakdown of a CAMG Infomercial

The CAMG infomercial runs 28 minutes and 30 seconds with a strong response-driven call to action. The long-form commercial can delve into a single mass tort area or feature several mass tort areas. You can even use the spot to promote your single event firm to your target market.

Our Five-Minute Spot

Our exclusive 5-minute spot allows you significantly more time to convey your message without the added costs of infomercial media. Feature one tort or your Single Event practice.

We have a library of infomercials available for all mass torts, including Zantac, 3M, Roundup, Truvada, and Talc. Audiences are familiar with and trust the Legal Helpline brand. Use the advantage for your client acquisition.

Unique Features of CAMG Infomercials

  • If you are running an infomercial with several mass torts, we can rotate segments for different runs.
  • Infomercials with multiple segments include a ESPN-style ticker to show the viewers upcoming segments.
  • We track phone responses with unique phone numbers and can track even if the viewer calls after watching a DVR recording.
  • Leverage the Legal Helpline℠ brand
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