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Your clients are everywhere​

Their media options are multiplying. Reaching them has never been more challenging. Sure, you could take the time to work with dozens of marketing partners to reach those clients. Our clients don’t have that kind of time to waste. They prefer the ease and effectiveness of a single source solution, CAMG360.

Each of the many programs described here on our website, from paid social and digital media to television to outdoor, text ads to landing pages, complement each other and allow our clients to build customizable packages of services to best meet their needs. Buying ads is just the start at CAMG. It’s all about understanding how ads generate new cases. That’s why our active campaign management is data-driven, media agnostic, and results-oriented, meaning instead of simply reaching potential new clients, like many single service vendors, we drive case volume to your firm. That’s what makes us an industry leader. And that is what will make you successful.

Part 1: Plan

Photo showing a plan for helping mass tort and injury law firms with marketing
Photo from Motion Metrics app


Representing the pinnacle of CAMG’s innovation in legal marketing, MotionMetrics combines proprietary data about individual markets’ traffic, accident and demographic patterns to identify strategic targets.

Graphic to represent audience targeting for injury and mass tort law firms

Audience Targeting

From the earliest stages of your campaign, CAMG uses media industry monitoring tools to help define your target demographic. We also incorporate proprietary historical data collected from thousands of campaigns, spanning over a decade, along with contract and medical record data. No other agency in the country has access to this level of sophisticated, granular data

Graphic composite representing complete media buying services for injury law firms

Complete Media Buying

Our team brings trade strategies, insights, and relationships with ad community contacts built over years at top agencies. We know who to call and are not intimidated to negotiate on behalf of our clients. Our experience goes beyond Direct Response to include General Market buying and planning, and using media industry resources.

Part 2: Attract

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Graphic showing a billboard for out-of-home marketing for injury law firms


Billboards, bench advertising, as well as magazine and newspaper spots are all integral components of a 360-degree integrated advertising model. These are important ways to reach potential clients as they move throughout their day. Knowing where and how to place them is where CAMG comes in

Photo with two phones featuring social media ads for injury law firms marketing environmental disasters

Social Media

Paid Social Media ads give you the capability of targeting your audience at a granular level–engaging potential clients through the customer journey. CAMG places your ads on popular social media platforms, including Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, and Snapchat.

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Whether your goal is to familiarize your local market to your firm or to arket a national mass tort campaign, CAMG creative has the skills and expertise to deliver results. We can shoot a commercial at your office or in one of our two in-house production studios. We also have a full library of generic spots we can brand for your firm.

Part 3: Engage

Photo of graphic with a complete legal marketing strategy
Photo of call center employees doing call handling for injury law firms

Call Handling

CATS offers award-winning call center services experts to handle your firm’s inbound and outbound needs. Our team of legal intake experts streamlines your reception and intake processes to optimize lead conversions and bring you more qualified cases.

Photo of a computer featuring landing pages for injury law firms marketing environmental disasters

Landing Pages

CAMG’s in-house creative team allows for unlimited capabilities in creating messaging that is always focused with conversion in mind, regardless of whether the project is designing landing pages, Facebook static image ads and videos, IAB banner ads, and more.

Graphic of a person on a smartphone to represent unique tracking numbers for law firm marketing

Unique Tracking Numbers

By assigning unique numbers to our offline and online advertising, we’re able to track campaign performance across numerous metrics. This yields smarter marketing decisions, investing more in what is bringing response and eliminating what isn’t working.

Part 4: Convert

Photo showing a plan for helping mass tort and injury law firms with marketing
Screen capture of Consumer Attorney Marketing Group dashboard for injury law firm marketing

Full Visibility on Portal

Our contract-tracking portal gives you real-time data throughout the conversion process. You get 24/7 access to the dashboard, with charts and graphs for a complete, easy-to-analyze view of your campaigns. And it sets up in less than a day. It even includes training for your staff.

Photo of a woman with a headset to represent contract processing for law firms

Contract Processing

Our proprietary system generates contracts based on intake data. We can capture intake data from any call center. Plus, you can be sure the entire process is secure and compliant. We give you real-time document delivery, saving you time, money, and effort.

Photo of a hand signing a document to represent document completion for law firms

Document Completion Assistance

Our system automatically fills in as much contract data as possible for a simple client experience Then, contracts are printed on top-grade paper customized with your branding. Contract packets are shipped with pre-printed envelopes and automated pick-ups are scheduled with prospective clients for easy return.

Part 5: Analyze

Photo showing a plan for helping mass tort and injury law firms with marketing
Photo of medical records to represent medical records services for injury law firms

Medical Records

Consumer Attorney Record Services (CARS) offers nationwide record retrieval and review by experienced professionals. Our database of over 90,000 healthcare facilities across the country streamlines the retrieval process. CARS is fully integrated with our Contract Services division so records can be ordered instantly.

Photos of magazines about mass tort data to represent data publishing

Data Publishing Services

Our Data Services division publishes Marketing Data & Analysis Reference Guides for various practice areas and mass torts. Our reference guides provide in-depth information that can be used to make intelligent, data-based marketing decisions and increase efficiency of marketing.

Photo of a woman looking at a computer screen to represent trend analysis for injury law firms


We provide a monthly overview of information for comparative analysis of torts, including conversion rate of calls by practice area. Our call center data provides us with unique insights. Other areas of analysis include media performance (including digital media), medical record data, intake data, and demographics.

The CAMG360 Advantage

  • Creative and Media customized to your Target Audience and Market
  • Delivered seamlessly across devices to increase effectiveness and response
  • Rigorous analytics measuring performance by Creative and Media channel
  • Real-time Media and Creative optimization to drive improved results
  • Constantly innovating our marketing to drive clients to your law firm
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Now more than ever, ethics count. “A Lawyer’s Ethics Obligations When Participating in a Lead Generation Program,” authored by a team of ethics and compliance attorneys, is continuously updated with the latest rules.

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