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Make a Statement Where Your Customers Are

Billboards, bench advertising, as well as magazine and newspaper spots are all integral components of a 360-degree integrated advertising model. These are important ways to reach potential clients as they move throughout their day. Knowing where and how to place them is where CAMG comes in.

Depending on your specific needs and goals, CAMG can help you find the Out-Of-Home (OOH) solutions to help keep your brand’s message top of mind for potential clients, as well as get you in the newspapers and magazines your target audience will read.

CAMG can provide you with easy-to-remember 800 vanity numbers used for branding and tracking your campaigns. We also continuously optimize your campaigns as data becomes available. This helps us bring you more clients at lower case acquisition costs.

MotionMetrics℠ Gives You an Advantage in Competitive Markets

You know that confident feeling you get when you walk into a courtroom about to litigate a case, and you have that one piece of information that the other side didn’t think of that gives you the advantage you need…that’s MotionMetrics. Learn more about MotionMetrics .

Our data scientists developed this state-of-the art application by combining information from four gold-standard data providers about the traveling habits of visitors and residents of a market area. This data includes key data such as: heaviest travel times, busiest travel days, main areas of congestion, accident hotspots, as well as data from mobile devices and other traffic apps.

All of this data combines to produce an M-Score, an objective, quantifiable score to evaluate the effectiveness of an OOH location. While other agencies still rely on only a simple average annualized daily traffic count, the MotionMetrics M-Score provides the ability to greatly increase your ROI.

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Specialized Proof of Claim Retrieval & Filing for Scout Abuse Cases.

Be prepared for the November 16 filing deadline.

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CAMG Ethics White Paper

Get access to our exclusive White Paper and State Ethics Database.

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Combine this service with some or all of our other services to get your best response...


CAMG utilizes digital tools and ads to complement our advertising campaigns, creating a 360-degree integrated marketing package including Paid Social Media channels, SEM/PPC, Landing Pages, and Programmatic Video/Audio Display.


CAMG’s creative, production, and media team produces infomercials that adhere to your objectives and consist of the right blend of call to action, message, and spokesperson.

Out-of-Home / Print

As part of CAMG’s 360-degree integrated advertising model we can build you a media plan that includes branding and directional media as well as national, regional, and local advertising to complement your specific needs and goals.


Using powerful industry media tools in combination with CAMG’s proprietary internal data, we are able to provide network, local, and promotional radio advertising to complement your cross-media campaign.


At CAMG, we structure compelling commercials that align with your objectives and are marketed through both national and local broadcasts and cable TV