San Fernando Valley Business Journal Features Consumer Attorney Marketing Group’s Steady Business Growth

In the article, “Courting Opinion” published by San Fernando Valley Business Journal, Chief Executive Steve Nober discusses how legal advertising has shifted toward online and on screen. Specializing in producing TV campaigns for lawyers who represent those harmed by pharmaceutical and medical device companies, Mr. Nober says that the economics of medical legal advertising is impressive. While finding an aggrieved patient costs attorneys anywhere from $500 upward to $2,500, the case usually settles at the low end in tens of thousands of dollars and up to the low millions; the lawyer receives 30 percent.

However, Mr. Nober’s efforts don’t stop at producing television commercial campaigns. The firm has developed sophisticated technology on the backend to buy, track and analyze each commercial. This provides his clients with the statistics on how effective each campaign, on each station, and in each city performs.

Since starting the company in 2012, Mr. Nober has doubled his revenue and runs about 60 to 80 campaigns at any given time for medical mass tort lawyers and personal injury lawyers.

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