5 Red Flags to Watch Out For: Is Your Agency Measuring Up?


by Steve Nober

If you’re working with an outside agency or considering working with one, you want to make sure you’re getting the best return for your investment. In this article from the November 2019 PILMMA INSIDERS’ JOURNAL, Steve Nober discusses sizing up your agency and red flags to avoid.

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2019 The Trial Lawyer A-List Article – Using Heat Maps

November 1, 2019


by Steve Nober

With the competitive nature of advertising, especially in overspending markets, how can attorneys increase their odds of successful outcomes with their campaigns?  In this article from the 2019 National Trial Lawyers The A-List, Steve Nober discusses using heat maps as part of a successful media targeting strategy.

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Fall 2019 The Trial Lawyer Article


by Steve Nober

As an emerging tort, JUUL campaign marketing doesn’t yet have the historical data and performance metrics to draw from.  How can you proceed with planning your JUUL campaign strategy?  In this article from the Trial Lawyer Fall 2019 magazine, Steve Nober shares insights how to plan a JUUL campaign, including using tools for demographic targeting and social media.

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2019 The Trial Lawyer A-List Article – TV, Digital, and the 360-Degree Blended Approach

November 1, 2019

by Steve Nober

When reviewing your mass tort media strategy, there is no one formula that applies to all firms.  Instead of focusing on television only or digital, it’s best to take an agnostic approach.  Digital should be seen as a complement to television advertising.  In this article from the 2019 National Trial Lawyers The A-List, Steve Nober shares insights for a campaign hybrid approach across media spectrums.

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July 2019 PILMMA Insiders Journal Article

July 20th, 2019


Is Your Phone Protocol Costing you Clients?
by Steve Nober

If you aren’t reviewing your phone protocol, you may be losing clients.  In this article from the July 2019 PILMMA Insiders’ Edition, Steve Nober shares how you can analyze your firm’s intake process, make improvements, and improve your retainer conversions.

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Steve Nober Presents PILMMA Webinar

June 20th, 2019


Steve Nober presented a webinar to PILMMA members and other attorneys on Competitive Insights and Key Tools for Targeting – Best Practices to WIN in Your Local Market, June 21, 2019. Topics covered in the one-hour webinar included maximizing your ROI by applying analytics-based tools to profile potential clients and their consumer buying habits.

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June 2019 PILMMA Blog

June 20th, 2019

If your staff is putting callers on three-minute holds or you’re sending incoming calls straight to voicemail after hours, you’re probably driving prospective clients to your competitor. You can have the most compelling creative and a strong marketing system but if your call-handling isn’t up to par, you won’t convert the callers who respond to your ad into signed clients.


May 2019 PILMMA Insiders Journal Article

May 1st, 2019

Buying Strategically to Stand Out Among Competitors
by Steve Nober

You wouldn’t head into a trial or negotiation without first knowing the defense strategy and it’s no different with planning your media strategy. In this article from the May 2019 PILMMA Insiders’ Edition, Steve Nober shares how you can buy strategically to stand out among competitors.

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CAMG Promotes Shelly Silveri to COO

April 15th, 2019

Shelly Silveri, COO

April 15, 2019, Woodland Hills, CA –Consumer Attorney Marketing Group has promoted Shelly Silveri to the position of the company’s Chief Operating Officer. Ms. Silveri has been with the company since 2009 and has previously served as the company’s Chief Financial Officer.

“In her nine years with the company, Shelly has been a valuable asset on the financial side of the business. Her keen understanding of CAMG will lead to an easy transition to this new role,” said CAMG CEO and President Steve Nober. “Her intense attention to detail and process-first approach will be a perfect fit as we handle the current and expected growth.”

In her new role, Ms. Silveri will oversee numerous divisions at CAMG, including human resources, media, and client services, in addition to the company’s ancillary divisions, CACS, CATS, and CARS. She will report to Steve Nober and CAMG Managing Partner Mike Vizvary.

Prior to joining CAMG, Ms. Silveri held financial positions at numerous firms, including Assistant Director of Finance at Ernst & Young, Finance Manager at Accenture, and Vice President of Finance and Accounting at ExED a non-profit organization. While at Accenture, Ms. Silveri provided on-site support for one of the largest healthcare providers in the United States. She holds a bachelor’s degree in Business Administration from Mt. St. Mary’s University.

CAMG Names New CFO

April 15th, 2019

Christina Gibson, Chief Financial Officer, CAMG

April 15, 2019, Woodland Hills, CA – Consumer Attorney Marketing Group welcomes Christina Gibson as the Company’s new Chief Financial Officer. Ms. Gibson brings to the role extensive experience as a CPA, Controller, and CFO for several publicly-traded and privately held companies.

Prior to joining CAMG, Ms. Gibson served as the CFO of ZED Connect, a start-up data analytics company specializing in logistics and transportation. In addition to building the finance and accounting function at ZED Connect, Christina oversaw additional areas, including operations, human resources, and real estate. Ms. Gibson has also served as Corporate Controller for On Assignment, Tekelec, and Digital Insight, as well as working in finance and accounting for other companies. Ms. Gibson graduated Cum Laude with a Bachelor of Science in Accounting from University of Southern California.

As CAMG’s Chief Financial Officer, Ms. Gibson joins CAMG’s executive management team and will be heading the company’s accounting department, effective immediately.

“With her many years of experience developing finance and accounting functions to support expansion and growth, Christina will be a great addition to our accounting department, as well as to our executive management team,” said Wade Young, VP, Human Resources.

CAMG Promotes Michelle Zygelman to SVP, Client Services

April 15th, 2019

Michelle Zygelman, SVP, Client Services

April 15, 2019, Woodland Hills, CA – Consumer Attorney Marketing Group has promoted Michelle Zygelman to Senior Vice President, Client Services. Ms. Zygelman will continue to oversee the company’s client services division and will report to CAMG Chief Operating Officer Shelly Silveri.

“In her six years with the company, Michelle’s knowledge and background in direct response media has elevated our client service team to become the best in the industry,” said Shelly Silveri. “Michelle’s ability to assess media performance and manage client messaging has provided our clients with an assurance of our capabilities that they can get nowhere else. Her hands-on approach to managing day-to-day has also allowed the client services team to develop very well under her tutelage. She is recognized as an expert, internally and externally, in our field.”

Ms. Zygelman previously served as the company’s Vice President, Director of Client Services for over 6 years. Prior to joining CAMG, Ms. Zygelman was an account manager at Icon Media Direct and VP Account Supervisor at Inter/Media Advertising. She holds a Bachelor of Science degree in Business with an Emphasis in Marketing from California State University, Northridge.

CAMG Promotes Orlando Barcenas to VP, Operations

April 15th, 2019

Orlando Barcenas, VP, Operations

April 15, 2019, Woodland Hills, CA – Consumer Attorney Marketing Group has announced the promotion of Orlando Barcenas to Vice President, Operations, for the company. In his new role, Orlando will report to CAMG Chief Operating Officer Shelly Silveri.

“Orlando has demonstrated in the past few years that he can take the vision provided and work collaboratively with his team to execute the vision in building what we have before us today,” said Shelly Silveri.

Mr. Barcenas joined CAMG as Director of Operations in 2015 in order to launch a call center that would work to ensure contract completion for CAMG’s law firm clients. Under Mr. Barcenas, the call center, now known as Consumer Attorney Contract Services (CACS) has grown to include over 70 employees. Barcenas also helped establish Consumer Attorney Telephone Services, a separate division of the company dedicated to managing the quality control of the outsource call center.

In 2017, under the management of Barcenas, the Company started the Pensacola, Florida –based Consumer Attorney Record Services division, which has grown from a handful of employees to a staff of over 70 and growing.  Each of CAMG’s ancillary services supports the work of the company’s media business, while also serving as a stand-alone, value-added product offered to the company’s law firm clients.

Prior to joining CAMG, Mr. Barcenas worked with Hampton Direct, a leader in the Direct Response industry, where he helped manage DRTV campaigns and helped launch several products into retail.  Mr. Barcenas also was a Sr. Manager, Customer Service at GSI Commerce an eBay company, where he directly managed over 250 customer service agents supporting thousands of DRTV campaigns.

CAMG Promotes Betsy Ray to VP, Client Services

April 15th, 2019

Betsy Ray, VP, Client Services

April 15, 2019, Woodland Hills, CA – Consumer Attorney Marketing Group has announced the promotion of Betsy Ray to Vice President, Client Services. Ms. Ray will continue to report to Michelle Zygelman in this role.

“Betsy continues to impress both management and clients alike with her ability to interpret media performance into a story that instills trust and confidence with our clients, better enabling our own story, as well as the way we market ourselves to the industry,” said Shelly Silveri, Chief Operating Officer. “Betsy’s work with the marketing team has made our Legal Marketing Index™ publication known throughout the legal industry. By understanding the goals of her clients and the internal sales team, Betsy makes insightful strategy recommendations and manages campaigns to success through granular performance analysis and smart decision-making.”

Ms. Ray joined CAMG in 2015 with the responsibility of cultivating and enhancing the account management sector of the company. During her tenure in that role, she added structure and depth the department. Prior to joining CAMG, Ms. Ray served as an Account Executive InterMedia Advertising, where she had overseen marketing campaigns for a myriad of clients. Ms. Ray began her career in direct response advertising at Direct Results Radio.

March 2019 PILMMA Article

March 1st, 2019

Marketing Review: Tools for Success
by Steve Nober

In today’s competitive legal market, you need a systematic approach to run successful marketing campaigns. In this article from the PILMMA Insiders’ Edition, CAMG’s Steve Nober shares the 3 tools you need to beat the competition with smarter marketing.

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Consumer Attorney Marketing Group & Medical Records Express Partner to Announce the Formation of Consumer Attorney Record Services

APRIL 26th, 2017

WOODLAND HILLS, CA –– Consumer Attorney Marketing Group (CAMG), a leader in legal marketing, and Medical Records Express (MRE), an innovator in the medical records retrieval and mass tort services space have joined forces, to expand CAMG’s spectrum of offerings to include medical records retrieval, review and consulting with the opening of Consumer Attorney Record Services (CARS).

The new company, operated and managed by CAMG, brings the CAMG-level of service to the medical records retrieval and review processes, as well as related mass tort and personal injury services.

Designed specifically for the legal industry and as part of CAMG’s offering of bundled services, CARS offers unprecedented speed and efficiency by delivering necessary forms in real time, providing law firms with services they’re looking for from their medical record partner. CARS also offers client interview, Fact Sheet complilation, extraction for settlement packages, customizable enhanced records review, and consulting services, all with a plaintiff-firm focus.

“We have reinvented the concept of ‘one-stop shop’ for law firms with our response driven approach to marketing, answering and qualifying calls, getting documents signed and returned, and now medical records retrieval through mass tort settlement services,” commented Steve Nober, President and CEO of Consumer Attorney Marketing Group. “This makes CAMG a great partner for law firms that do not want to deal with multiple vendors. Firms can now get medical record verified cases from CAMG without paying referral fees or dealing with brokers.

“For example, our contract processing division (Consumer Attorney Contract Services) furnishes necessary PHI retrieval forms (HIPAA & HITECH) and your client’s information to our medical record retrieval and review division (CARS) so the creation of your order happens in real-time, which helps speed up the entire process and saves law firms the labor costs of staff creating each order. This is just one example of the major advantages of bundling CAMG offerings.

Lisa Touchton, formerly of  MRE and now Operations Manager of CARS said, “Our years of experience in the medical records space, combined with CAMG’s leadership and innovation in the legal industry, will make CARS the dominant provider in medical records retrieval for law firms.”

The professionals at MRE will form the foundation of CARS as they continue to deliver continuity and stellar service.  For more details on Consumer Attorney Records Services, call your local rep at 800.709.CARS or go to or

# # #

CAMG, founded in 2010, has built a strong reputation of professionalism that extends to all its offerings. With over 175 employees, CAMG has run thousands of marketing campaigns nationally and in over 40 markets, running both mass tort and single event campaigns all with the highest focus on ethics, transparency, efficiency and innovation. They lead the industry by providing clients with consistently excellent service and exceed expectations in performance outcomes. Its comprehensive suite of services includes response driven legal marketing, contract servicing and acquisition, data publishing and distribution, and now medical record retrieval & review, telephone management, and telemarketing services.


Major Expansion Continues for Consumer Attorney Marketing Group with the Opening of Consumer Attorney Phone Services

APRIL 25th, 2017


Woodland Hills, CA––Consumer Attorney Marketing Group, a trusted name in the legal services industry, has recently announced the opening of its telephone management services division. Consumer Attorney Phone Services (CAPS) specializes in providing and managing memorable 800 and local phone numbers to generate a higher volume of calls and conversions for law firms.

Currently, CAPS offers over 10,000 phone numbers to its clients and has access to the largest inventories of memorable, toll free and local numbers in the nation. CAPS has database capabilities to service a wide range of clients in mass tort and single event practice areas. Additionally, all calls can be recorded to uphold the highest level of call quality and effectiveness, and tracked in real-time down to the date, originating phone number, call duration, and time of call. Call routing is offered to single or multiple locations, and utilizes GPS technology to send callers to locations closest to them.

Barry Ross will head-up CAPS as National Sales Director. Ross has over a decade of experience working in the telephone services and marketing optimization arena, providing thousands of memorable toll free and local numbers as well as call reporting to law firms, major brands, and marketing agencies nationwide.

Steve Nober, President and CEO of CAMG, is excited about the new services offered to his existing and new clients. “We have reinvented the concept of ‘one-stop shop’ for law firms with our response driven approach to marketing, contract processing, medical records services, phone management, telemarketing and data distribution,” Nober commented. “In terms of how CAPS can help your firm, phone numbers are an incredibly powerful tool to use in your marketing campaign, and managing them is critical. The ability to point to dedicated numbers for different day parts and days of the week is paramount to proper tracking and optimizing for the best performance outcomes. And our call routing and recording services give you full-scale service under one roof. We are making phone management much more efficient and easy for law firms to utilize.”

For more details on Consumer Attorney Phone Services, call our representatives at 800.621.CAPS or go to

# # #

CAMG, founded in 2010, has built a strong reputation of professionalism that extends to all its offerings. With over 175 employees, CAMG has run thousands of marketing campaigns nationally and in over 40 markets, running both mass tort and single event campaigns all with the highest focus on ethics, transparency, efficiency and innovation. They lead the industry by providing clients with consistently excellent service and exceed expectations in performance outcomes. Its comprehensive suite of services includes response driven legal marketing, contract servicing and acquisition, data publishing and distribution, and now medical record retrieval & review, telephone management, and telemarketing services.

Steve Nober Selected as Influential Leader by San Fernando Valley Business Journal

November 17th, 2016

Steve Nober, Founder and CEO of Consumer Attorney Marketing Group (CAMG) was named one of the top 200 influential leaders by the San Fernando Business Journal, which covers the San Fernando, Conejo, Santa Clarita and Antelope Valleys. Nober, and others who were chosen, were acknowledged for having “daily ingenuity and…strengthening the community,” according to Charles Crumpley, Editor and Publisher of the SFV Business Journal. Steve is honored to be included among those he admires––committed leaders who consistently build the local economy.

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Over 500,000 Open Heart Surgery Patients at Risk of Life-Threatening Infection

November 17th 2016

Stöckert 3T and LivaNova PLC Heater-Cooler Devices
Possibly Contaminated During Manufacturing

According to the Centers for Disease Control (CDC), Stöckert 3T and LivaNova PLC Heater-Cooler devices, which are used during open heart surgery, were possibly contaminated during manufacturing. Over 250,000 heart bypass procedures using heater-cooler devices are performed in the United States every year, and the devices in question are used in over 60% of those procedures.

The CDC stated that symptoms such as muscle aches, unexplained fever, weight loss and night sweats can go undiagnosed for months or years. Patients with compromised immune systems, valves or prosthetic product implants are more vulnerable to infections and run a higher risk of serious complications.

Please give us a call to discuss how your firm can begin acquiring Stöckert cases. CAMG provides law firms a significant advantage in their marketing campaigns by using a data-driven approach. Ethics are our highest priority–there are no referral fees associated with our services and we never sell a call or lead. We offer transparent media buying and real-time performance metrics of firms’ offline campaigns, which translates to signed contracts at the lowest cost possible.

$70 Million Awarded against Johnson & Johnson in Third Jury Verdict

October 13th, 2016


ST. LOUIS – A major victory for a plaintiff in the Johnson & Johnson talcum powder litigation took place today, with a jury awarding $70.075 million to Ms. Deborah Giannecchini. This is the third substantial talc verdict against J&J this year––other huge losses have taken place, with damages awarded to plaintiffs in two separate verdicts in the amount of $55 million and $72 million.

It was reported that the most compelling evidence in this case was the written communication between Johnson and Johnson and Imerys
(J & J’s talc supplier), which “proved that the company was aware of the dangers for over 30 years.” One in 70 women get ovarian cancer, and studies have shown that women who use talc-containing products as part of their feminine hygiene every day run a 30-60% increased risk of developing ovarian cancer. The product is still being sold. Ted Meadows, one of the lead litigators for the plaintiff asked, “When is enough going to be enough?”

This is significant news for law firms who are looking to acquire new talc cases. CAMG can help you get your campaign started quickly at the lowest acquisition costs possible. We offer transparent media buying and real-time performance metrics of offline campaigns, which translates to signed contracts for your firm. As always, ethics are our highest priority––there are no referral fees associated with our services and we never sell a call or lead.

We can get your campaign started as quickly as the next few days and will provide you with talc qualifiers, intake scripts and questionnaires as well as a complete contract acquisition service through our Legal Contract Services division.

Look forward to hearing from you to answer any questions you may have and get your campaign underway.

J&J Hit With $70 Million Risperdal Verdict Over Male Breasts

July 1st, 2015

A $70 million verdict won by a Tennessee teenager who blamed Johnson & Johnson’s Risperdal drug for causing him to grow female breasts dwarfs awards to other users of the antipsychotic medication who suffered the same side effect.

A Philadelphia jury Friday found J&J officials failed to properly warn the young man and his family that Risperdal could cause him to grow female-size breasts and awarded him damages for emotional distress, said Steve Sheller, one of the teenager’s lawyers. The verdict is about 30 times larger than the $2.5 million awarded to an Alabama man in 2015 who sued J&J after developing size 46 DD breasts.

Officials of J&J’s Janssen unit, which sells Risperdal, said the drug’s safety label contained proper warnings about the breast side effect. The company intends to challenge the verdict.

“We believe this verdict is not justified by the evidence, and that the award is clearly excessive and far out of line with any factual assessment of actual damages,” Kristina Chang, a Janssen spokeswoman, said in an e-mailed statement.
Philadelphia Juries

The verdict comes as J&J still faces about 1,500 cases in state court in Philadelphia over claims of the Risperdal side-effect. The ruling is the fifth time the drugmaker has been found by Philadelphia juries to have failed to properly warn users and doctors about the breast-development risk.

“This verdict sends a clear message to J&J to step up and take responsibility for the damage they’ve done to these young men and to set up a global settlement program so the families don’t have to continue to suffer through these trials,” Sheller said in an interview.

In 2013, J&J agreed to pay $2.2 billion to resolve criminal and civil probes into allegations that it illegally marketed Risperdal to children and the elderly. The settlement, which included marketing claims about two other J&J drugs, was one of the largest U.S. health-fraud penalties in history.
Past Verdicts

New Brunswick, New Jersey-based J&J has been settling some of the male breast cases filed in Philadelphia but has been hit with several verdicts, starting in February 2015 with the $2.5 million awarded to Austin Pledger, an autistic man from Alabama. In November, a separate jury in the same court later awarded $1.75 million to another Risperdal user who developed breasts.

Lawyers for the Tennessee resident, identified as A.Y. in court papers, told jurors he started taking Risperdal at age 5 to treat a psychiatric disorder and never received a warning about breast development. The teen is now 16, according to the filings.

They argued J&J officials intentionally kept pediatricians and psychiatrists in the dark about study results showing Risperdal caused abnormal breast development in boys so they’d keep writing prescriptions, Sheller said.

The case is A.Y. v. Janssen, No. 130402094, Pennsylvania Court of Common Pleas (Philadelphia).

Johnson & Johnson hit with $500 million verdict in hip implant trial

March 18th, 2016

NEW YORK (Reuters) – Johnson & Johnson and its DePuy unit were ordered by a Texas federal jury on Thursday to pay about $500 million to five plaintiffs who said they were injured by Pinnacle metal-on-metal hip implants.

Following a two-month trial, jurors deliberated for a week before finding that the Pinnacle hips were defectively designed, and that the companies failed to warn the public about their risks. Jurors awarded about $140 million in total compensatory damages and about $360 million in punitive damages, said Mark Lanier, lead trial counsel for the plaintiffs.

A J&J spokeswoman said the company will appeal.

John Beisner, a lawyer for the company, said he expected the verdict to be a “pyrrhic victory for plaintiffs’ counsel” that could be slashed significantly. Appeals courts often reduce massive personal-injury verdicts, and Texas law limits the amount of punitive damages that can be awarded to plaintiffs.

Beisner estimated that punitive damages could be reduced to as little as $10 million. Lanier said plaintiffs would address the issue in post-trial proceedings.

Lanier said the nine jurors returned a carefully considered verdict. “There are thousands of these cases, and J&J needs to get responsible,” he added.

The verdict came in the second federal trial involving the Pinnacle device. J&J was cleared of liability in the first trial, which ended in 2014.

Verdicts in these early trials are not binding on the rest of the litigation, but are used to help gauge the value of the remaining claims. More than 8,000 Pinnacle lawsuits have been consolidated in Texas federal court.

All five plaintiffs are Texas residents who were implanted with metal-on-metal Pinnacle hip devices. They said design flaws caused the devices to fail more frequently and quickly than expected, leading to injuries including tissue death, bone erosion and high levels of metal in their blood.

Plaintiffs said J&J and DePuy described the metal-on-metal hips as long-lasting, durable and safe despite being aware of the risks, and aggressively promoted them for use in younger, more active patients. J&J has said that it researched and marketed the devices responsibly.

DePuy stopped selling the metal-on-metal version of the Pinnacle devices in 2013. That year, it paid $2.5 billion to settle more than 7,000 lawsuits over a separate metal-on-metal hip device, the ASR, which was recalled in 2010.

Read the full article here

J&J Must Pay $72 Million Over Talc Tied to Woman’s Cancer

February 24th, 2016

Jury foreman says it was clear J&J was `hiding something’ Company faces about 1,200 more suits over talc products

Johnson & Johnson must pay $72 million to the family of a woman who blamed her fatal ovarian cancer on the company’s talcum powder in the first state-court case over the claims to go to trial.

Jurors in St. Louis on Monday concluded J&J should pay $10 million in compensatory damages and $62 million in a punishment award to the family of Jackie Fox, who died of ovarian cancer last year after using Johnson’s baby powder and another talc-based product for years.

It’s the first time a jury has ordered J&J, the world’s largest maker of health-care products, to pay damages over claims that it knew decades ago that its talc-based products could cause cancer and failed to warn consumers.

“We have no higher responsibility than the health and safety of consumers and we are disappointed with the outcome of the trial,” Carol Goodrich, a J&J spokeswoman, said Tuesday in an e-mailed statement. “We sympathize with the plaintiff’s family but firmly believe the safety of cosmetic talc is supported by decades of scientific evidence.”

J&J is facing about 1,200 suits claiming studies have linked its Johnson’s Baby Powder and its Shower-to-Shower product to ovarian cancer. Women contend the company knew of the risk and failed to warn customers.

Read the full article here

San Fernando Valley Business Journal Features Consumer Attorney Marketing Group’s Steady Business Growth

March 9th 2015

In the article, “Courting Opinion” published by San Fernando Valley Business Journal, Chief Executive Steve Nober discusses how legal advertising has shifted toward online and on screen. Specializing in producing TV campaigns for lawyers who represent those harmed by pharmaceutical and medical device companies, Mr. Nober says that the economics of medical legal advertising is impressive. While finding an aggrieved patient costs attorneys anywhere from $500 upward to $2,500, the case usually settles at the low end in tens of thousands of dollars and up to the low millions; the lawyer receives 30 percent.

However, Mr. Nober’s efforts don’t stop at producing television commercial campaigns. The firm has developed sophisticated technology on the backend to buy, track and analyze each commercial. This provides his clients with the statistics on how effective each campaign, on each station, and in each city performs.

Since starting the company in 2012, Mr. Nober has doubled his revenue and runs about 60 to 80 campaigns at any given time for medical mass tort lawyers and personal injury lawyers.

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