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Steve Nober at MTMP 2021

We have a big data book we publish called the LMI. I’ll just leave you with that. Every mass tort that you hear people talk about, we publish a ton of data about the tort the response, the calls, the demographics. We update it every month. It’s called the Legal Marketing Index. Come by our booth and get it. There’s some over there on the table as well. And thank you guys very much.

Our business is six divisions and a seventh one I’ll talk about in a little bit, but basically we’re a full service agency. We started on TV, and so a lot of folks know us as the TV marketers 12 or 13 years ago. And since, we’ve added digital SEO, SEM, and so we’re probably one of the largest digital agencies as well. And, for us, it’s interesting because with mass torts, you’re talking about injuries and different target audiences so not just one marketing method might work for all things. It won’t always just be digital. It might not always be TV or radio, geo-targeting, outdoor billboards. It depends on a whole bunch of variables. And so we built vertically not just marketing and the creative, but then we realized we have to help law firms answer calls because they weren’t sometimes set up to answer mass tort calls that are coming in nationally and they’d put them on hold, they’d abandon the calls.

They’d get to a voicemail and then we’d have clients call us and say, “We don’t want to work with it anymore because the campaign was terrible.” And we’d say, “Really?” We’d listen to some of the phone calls that were recorded and we’d realize we need to help introduce best practices. And so we did that with the call center, we did it with contracting, so even if the calls get answered and qualified, the whole idea of getting the contracts out and getting them back and getting a med record forms, that’s a whole piece of work that often is different nationally than law firms are doing in your local markets. So we started a contract services group, and now even today that secondary service is getting that long form questionnaire. That’s going to be important if you guys are out talking to vendors about getting cases. You still have to get that long form questionnaire filled out and you have to get the med record forms.

And so if you’re buying contracts, you’re going to get a fee agreement signed. You’re not going to have that secondary service. You’ve got to think about if you’re staffed to do it or if that’s something you want to outsource. We have a whole phone technology with phone numbers, thousands of numbers and routing. We bought a med records business years ago in Pensacola, Florida, and so we vertically integrated so we could help offer services and control best practices for each division. And so, radio, TV, like I said, we’re agnostic. Whatever works best, and that’s literally every week, whatever works best.

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