2021 Q2 & Q3 Top Mass Torts

Steve Nober at Mass Torts Made Perfect 2021

Steve Nober: (00:02)
Here’s some mass torts. Here’s … everybody likes to see. So what are we seeing quarter to quarter on, this is just by popularity, this is not what we think are the best torts, this is really just objective data. And so this is what our last two quarters look like.

Steve Nober: (00:18)
Number one is Paraquat and the comments in green are the movement from the previous quarter. So Paraquat’s moved from number two to number one, so Paraquat absolutely is on a trend right now as the most popular mass tort that we’re working on. Lung cancer/meso, again, we do a fair amount, so for us, that shows up, was number one, number two. We do a lot of it all over the country.

Steve Nober: (00:41)
Hernia mesh, CPAP, Zantac, those are also by the way, Paraquat the case costs, we see them starting to rise. I don’t think it’s because the holidays are at the end of Q4, I just think it’s popularity. It’s not an inexpensive litigation to go get cases already, and so we’re seeing pricing move. After this conference, there might be even more marketing, so it’s just something to think about. It’s a great litigation, but just watch the costs and if someone’s talking to you about pricing, they need to predict even how it’s going to look over the next few weeks or months, if you’re going to get into that litigation. Hernia mesh, CPAP, Zantac, a lot more popular and so you’ll see the rest of them on there.

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