CAMG Talks MTMP: America’s Lawyer, 3M Earplugs, Hernia Mesh – And “About That 40-Foot Video Wall!”

MTMP Spectacular Spring Conference brought a record-breaking 1,400 plus plaintiff attorneys from over 500 law firms throughout the country to Las Vegas for a deep dive into the world of mass torts. CAMG was there and we bring you highlights from our team, from the most popular mass torts to our exclusive breakout event with America’s Lawyer Mike Papantonio, plus the debut of CAMG’s 40-foot video wall.

“Record Attendance and Three Days of Amazing Networking, Discussions, and Conference Updates for All the Litigations”

Notes from Steve

Welcome to 2019 MTMP, the April edition. Steve Nober Live from MTMP. We wanted to give you an update on how the show went. I think they had a record attendance, three days of amazing networking, discussions, and conference updates for all the litigations.

Never before has there been so much positive activity around the top four litigations, Talc, Hernia Mesh, IVC, and Roundup. Each one had really interesting updates on the plaintiff side. A lot of attendees are very bullish on these litigations.

Plus, 3M caused an uproar; hundreds of firms are eager to find out more information about the 3M Earplug litigation. Valsartan is one of the mass torts firms are looking at a lot more seriously.

Behind me, this is the new CAMG mega-wall. We’ve taken interesting data on the top litigations and a lot of our services. We’ve put all of this on a beautiful 40-foot by 14-foot high-resolution video wall. We wanted everyone to take a look like you’re here at MTMP.

A really successful week at MTMP. Check out a video we’re going to share later with Mike Papantonio.

I’ll see you guys at the next show.

Steve Nober speaks on two panels at MTMP

Finding Mass Tort Clients

Photo of a panel from the Mass Torts Made Perfect conference

“Everyone should have a digital component to their mass tort marketing, for branding in their local market. However, if you really want to scale at the lowest cost, TV is much more predictable, whether your objective is 50 cases or 110. The key to making TV work is different from the approach of buying gross points or reach and frequency. If you want the most cost-effective means to get cases, the key is metrics.”

Guerrilla Marketing vs. TV vs. Digital vs. Billboards

“Internet and digital are a fundamental addition to your marketing strategy. You absolutely should have a landing page, qualifying questions, and a form to fill out. But as soon as you need a significant number of cases, TV is more predictable, if you price what you’re buying based on response. There are still 120 million households in the U.S. watching TV. As long as people are watching TV, we can make TV work because the price is right. The quality of calls is great. I couldn’t be happier with the results.”

Photo of a panel from the Mass Torts Made Perfect conference

The CAMG Team on MTMP

Photo of a Consumer Attorney Marketing Group employee

The spring MTMP was one of the strongest conferences I’ve attended. The attendance seemed off the charts and firms seemed more eager than ever to dive into specific litigations. I saw tons of talk and volume of activity with the BIG 4, Roundup, Talc, Hernia Mesh, and IVC.

There was also lots of buzz and movement happening around 3M Military Earplugs and with Valsartan. Firms seemed optimistic about the most recent Roundup trials and Xarelto settlement.

Jessica Burdine Hall, Senior Director of Business Development

Photo of a Consumer Attorney Marketing Group employee

The Spring MTMP was excellent, the busiest to date. Everyone was talking about our video screen. It caused a lot of buzz. I saw lots of interest in Hernia Mesh. Folks were also interested in the up-and-comers. After Steve’s talk about upcoming litigations, people were asking about surgical staples and Truvada. Overall, Steve’s presentation showed the latest and greatest on how analytics were going for Hernia Mesh, Roundup, 3M, and Talc. People want to know exactly what’s going on. Also, the talk with Pap was excellent. 

Chris Princis, VP, Business Development

Photo of a Consumer Attorney Marketing Group employee

I really enjoyed seeing all of our clients at the MTMP Spectacular Spring Conference but especially meeting all the new lawyers who attended the event. Fantastic job once again, Levin Papantonio! Compelling speakers, great exhibitors, fantastic hotel, wonderful and fun events…what more could you ask for!

It was great connecting with leadership at MTMP. Getting the lowdown and inside track on litigations early in their cycle is important to us and our clients. 

Joseph Wahl, Director, Business Development

Photo of a Consumer Attorney Marketing Group employee

I’ve heard from several folks since MTMP that they absolutely loved Steve and Pap’s Friday morning presentation and they’d like to see that become a regular fixture at MTMP. The most buzz has been for Roundup in my opinion. Mesh and Earplugs also look to be the hot torts right now. 

Daniel Donnelly, Director of Business Development

Photo of a Consumer Attorney Marketing Group employee

This spring’s MTMP was impressive. The turnout was awesome, and I think all the attorneys who attended Friday’s Q & A with Mike Papantonio really appreciated Steve’s dive into the data and analytics of the torts. Papantonio shared lots of great valuable info about mass tort litigation and marketing.

The biggest buzz at MTMP was the Roundup verdict of $80M and 3M Defective Military Earplugs going to Judge Rodgers In Pensacola. People also seemed interested in some of the new litigations, as well as Hernia Mesh. 

Jenn Robertson, Senior Vice President, Business Development

Photo of a Consumer Attorney Marketing Group employee

The talk of the show seemed to be 3M earplugs. There appeared to be lots of interest in getting into that litigation. The big news at the Friday seminar with Steve and Mike Papantonio was Mike’s endorsement of Hernia Mesh as the tort to get into and CAMG’s unique infomercial medium as the way to reach the plaintiffs. 

Mike Riemann, Director of Business Development

Congratulations to CAMG MTMP Winners!

CAMG sends congratulations to our winners at MTMP! Ross Massey of Alexander Shunnarah Personal Injury won our $2,500 business card drawing and Brian Mahany, Mahany Law, won our $2,500 Twitter Mention contest.

Brian Mahany, Mahany Law, collects his winnings in the CAMG booth. Congrats, Brian!

CAMG looks forward to seeing everyone at MTMP Spectacular Fall Conference in October.

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