Choosing The Right Phone Numbers For Your Mass Tort Campaign

The phone numbers you use for your mass tort campaign can make the difference between inefficient spending and running a sustainable campaign with a case cost that makes sense. Many firms use vanity numbers to brand their single event practices. However, these memorable vanity numbers are not what works best for mass tort campaigns, where the focus is on getting the most cases per cost. Here’s what you need to consider when you’re choosing phone numbers for your mass tort campaign.

Unique Numbers Matter

Unique numbers are individual phone numbers you can assign to specific marketing channels or campaigns. Using unique numbers allows you to track responses from media to determine which stations are working best. This allows you to optimize your media schedule to get the most efficient results from your marketing dollars.

“I’m Already Tracking”

I hear from attorneys that they’re using different phone numbers for radio, TV, and digital. The problem is that this doesn’t provide us with as much valuable information as tracking by station. Some firms say their receptionist is asking callers where they heard of the attorney or firm. This approach is subjective and is not scientific. If you assign unique numbers for each station and you use a call log, you can pinpoint which media is getting you the best results.

Assigning unique numbers allows you to track:

  • Performing and more importantly, underperforming media placements
  • Current airings or when a show was recorded weeks earlier on a DVR

Quality Numbers

Now that we’ve shown the value of using unique numbers to track your responses, it’s important to know that not all unique numbers are the same. Phone numbers with repeating consecutive numbers (such as 244-5566) are more memorable than a string of non-repeating numbers.

800 vs. 866

When you’re choosing a toll-free number, you have 7 prefix options (800, 888, 877, 866, 855, 844, and 833). At the end of the day, the only one you want is (800). Research shows that 1-800 numbers are more memorable than the other prefixes. Using a number other than (800) is like using a “.net” instead of a “.com” for your website.

Tradeoffs When You Don’t Use Unique Numbers

When you use vanity numbers for your mass tort campaign, you’re losing visibility to see which stations are working well and which are not performing as well. By assigning a number for each unique station, you can track costs, response, and quality of response. You can then use that information to adjust your media schedule to placements that are more likely to bring you the results you want. The ability to gauge performance is at the core of successful response-driven marketing, which turns marketing into a science.

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