The Takeaway: 3M Combat Ear Plug Litigation Webinar

Earlier this month, we hosted the first-ever webinar on 3M Combat Arms Ear Plug Litigation. Rachel Lanier of The Lanier Law Firm and D. Todd Mathews of Gori Julian & Associates, P.C. did a fantastic job presenting. Their firms have been frontrunners in this litigation and shared what D. Todd referred to as a “30,000-mile overview of the project.” We heard some great questions from attorneys on the call, too.

You can access the recorded webinar on our website or at the link below. We went through close to two hours of litigation background and a valuable look at the data CAMG has been collecting, so you won’t want to miss this webinar, especially if you’re considering a Military Ear Plugs campaign.

Here is a sampling of the takeaway from this key webinar:

Litigation Issues

3M sold dual-ended ear plugs to the military that were issued to soldiers between 2003-2015, including those deployed to Iraq and Afghanistan. Due to an alleged design defect, the company’s Combat Arms™ ear plugs put service members at risk for partial or full hearing loss and tinnitus. Rachel and D. Todd presented key background information and litigation issues.

The webinar includes:

  • A detailed timeline of the ear plug design problems and 3M’s role
  • Takeaway from the qui tam action/False Claims Act violation and 3M’s $9.1M settlement
  • Relevant science and liability behind these cases
  • An explanation of potential plaintiffs and their injuries
  • What you need to know about finding cases: Intake and case selection
  • Key strategies going forward
  • A look at possible defense strategies: Government Contractor Immunity, Combatant Activities Exception, Unique Federal Interest, and more
  • An exploration of Statute of Limitations issues
  • Answers about disability claims and litigation
  • Medical Records Issues: VA requirements, e-signatures vs. hard signatures

Rachel and D. Todd have done the legwork on Military Ear Plug Litigation, so you’ll want to hear what they have to say.

Data and Analysis from CAMG

Because we’ve been running Military Ear Plugs campaigns at CAMG, we have the data you need for marketing these cases. In the webinar, we cover some of the key data you can find in our Reference Guide, as well as in our Legal Marketing Index®. Contact your CAMG representative to access both. Here are some of the key marketing topics covered in the webinar:

  • Geographic and demographic data: Including top DMAs and military bases
  • Qualifying criteria
  • Successful marketing strategies
  • Digital and Television: Why you need both
  • Why partnering with CAMG is key to running successful Military Ear Plugs campaigns

Rachel and D. Todd spoke about the potential volume of this litigation. According to the U.S. Department of Veteran Affairs, tinnitus and hearing loss are the top two disabilities of veterans who were deployed to Iraq and Afghanistan. Veterans who served in the U.S. or overseas after 2001 are four times more likely to have severe hearing impairment than non-veterans.

When you’re planning a potentially high-volume campaign like Military Ear Plugs, partnering with CAMG makes sense. We have the response-driven marketing approach you need to target your marketing dollars efficiently, week after week. Successful marketing requires the right balance between traditional and digital media. We don’t stop at marketing. CAMG offers a robust call center, contract processing, and medical record retrieval to help you run an effective campaign.

Are you looking for data-driven marketing for your law firm?

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