It’s All About the Marketing Data

If you market your law firm the same way every year, intuition likely drives your efforts. It is time to focus on marketing data and stop relying on intuition. Many traditional advertising models for attorneys and law firms use intuition, which is a mistake. Odds are much of the effort is wasted and so is much of your marketing budget.

CAMG employs data-driven Mass Tort and Single Event marketing tools to conduct thousands of successful legal marketing campaigns across the nation. We never guess because we have data that drives our marketing decisions on behalf of our clients. Data also helps to show what works and provides you with complete transparency of costs and results.

Our data-driven approach to marketing for law firms and attorneys enables continual adjustments to give you the best possible ROI for your marketing dollars.

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Greater Efficiency & Maximized Optimization

Ethics and Transparency

Our Legal Marketing Index gives law firms access to relevant data and trending statistics in Mass Tort and Single Event litigation. You get complete transparency regarding marketing success and failures so that you know what works and what does not. The transparency enables you to make informed changes to your marketing approach to improve your ROI.

The Legal Marketing Index covers top practice areas and gives you specific and relevant information. The information helps your law firm to thrive in local and national litigation while maintaining the legal industry’s highest ethical standards.

Sharing the latest legal-marketing data and related information provides you with complete transparency on current marketing trends. Instead of scattering your marketing efforts across multiple channels and vehicles, the Legal Marketing Index delivers highly useful information that enables you to more specifically target your marketing efforts.

The CAMG Advantage

Consumer Attorney Marketing Group (CAMG) was founded in 2010 and earned a strong reputation for professionalism across all of its offerings. CAMG has conducted thousands of mass tort and single event legal-marketing campaigns nationally and regionally.

Our comprehensive suite of services includes response-driven legal marketing, contract servicing and acquisition, and retrieval and review of medical records. CAMG also offers phone management, telemarketing, data distribution, and publishing services.

All that you have come to expect from CAMG – ethical campaigns, complete transparency, and innovation – enable greater efficiency, success, and excellent service.

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Table of Contents

<a href="#msid">Monthly Spending Increases and Decreases</> 8
<a href="#ccql">Conversion of Calls to Qualified Leads by Practice Areas</> 8
<a href="#dmaoverview">DMA Overview by Market</> 9
<a href="#underspending">Top 20 Underspending DMAs</> 10
<a href="#overspending">Top 20 Overspending DMAs</> 10
<a href="#mcds">Most Calls per Dollar Spent/Highest Quality Calls Received</> 11
<a href="#nmlsam">2022/2023 National Monthly Legal Spend for All Media</> 12
<a href="#ynlsam">Yearly National Legal Spend for All Media</> 12
<a href="#nsd">National Spend - Digital </> 12
<a href="#st">Spanish Television</> 13
<a href="#mmsb">12-Month Media Spend Breakout</> 14
<a href="#nmsm">National Media Spend by Month</> 14
<a href="#ncdr">National Cable Dayparts Ranked by Last 12 Months' Legal Spend</> 15
<a href="#rnls">Top 10 Ranked Networks by Legal Spend</> 15
<a href="#militaryearplugs">3M Military Earplugs</> 16-17
<a href="#clj">Camp LeJeune</> 18-19
<a href="#cpap">CPAP</> 20-21
<a href="#elmiron">Elmiron</> 22-23
<a href="#hairstraightener">Hair Straightener</> 24-25
<a href="#herniamesh">Hernia Mesh</> 26-27
<a href="#meso">Mesothelioma/Lung Cancer</> 28-29
<a href="#nec">NEC</> 30-31
<a href="#paragard">Paragard</> 32-33
<a href="#paraquat">Paraquat</> 34-35
<a href="#pfas">PFAs</> 36-37
<a href="#roundup">Roundup</> 38-39
<a href="#socmed">Social Media Victims</> 40-41
<a href="#talc">Talcum Powder</> 42-43
<a href="#truvada">Truvada</> 44-45
<a href="#tylenol">Tylenol</> 46-47
<a href="#valsartan">Valsartan</> 48-49
<a href="#zantac">Zantac</> 50-51

What is the Legal Marketing Index?

Consumer Attorney Marketing Group created the Legal Marketing Index to deliver
relevant and useful data about media spending and marketing trends that affect
the legal industry. Research done by media-marketing companies, CAMG’s
proprietary data, and response metrics help law firms to maximize their
marketing results while lowering their case-acquisition costs.

Monthly Spending
Increases and Decreases

*CAMG Cumulative Response Data
**Calls are defined as calls when the call center rep started the intake questions

The dollars reported by Nielsen are approximations based on a 3rd-party source of planning costs. These rates are estimates of what an ‘average’ buyer would pay for a given ad. Nielsen does not inspect station logs for true costs paid. Because of that, Nielsen’s methodology, like all syndicated research, should be considered estimates.


DMA Overview by Market

*This spend denotes all local media types (i.e. local internet, local magazine, local newspaper, outdoor, spot radio, spot TV), excluding local cable.
* 12 Month Spend (June 2022 – May 2023)


Top 20 Underspending DMAs **

*The index compares the results of the DMA to the average rate of all the markets in last 12 months. An index of 100 is on par with the National average. Anything above 100 (120 for example) means that the DMA on that line has more spend per person versus the National average by a factor of that amount over 100 (a 120 index would mean that DMA has a per capita spend 20% higher than the average market in this survey)
**Compiled from last 12 months of data from Top 100 DMA’s Only
***This spend denotes all local media types (i.e. local internet, local magazine, local newspaper, outdoor, spot radio, spot tv), excluding local cable.

Top 20 Overspending DMAs **