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Elmiron: Legal Optics and Overview
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Elmiron: Legal Optics and Overview

Elmiron is an oral medication approved by the FDA to treat bladder pain and discomfort associated with interstitial cystitis. Use of the medication is associated with maculopathy and other eye injuries. From a litigation standpoint, Elmiron is in its very early case vetting stages, with a modest number of cases are expected to be filed over the next 6 months. Panelists urge all firms to have clients’ fundus photographs and OCT imaging reviewed by a qualified ophthalmologist before filing and caution against filing in certain jurisdictions.

A modest number of cases are expected to be filed over the next 6 months after proper vetting. For a number of reasons, the project is not likely to support the filing of an MDL petition unless both a sufficient critical mass of qualified cases is filed, and a sufficient number of overall claims warrant the same.

What You Can Expect to Learn

  • Elmiron: Manufacturer; Brand vs. Generic; Indications, Specific Patient Population; Cost and Insurance; Sales
  • The Eye: Specific Anatomy and Specific Mechanism Causing Maculopathy
  • Injuries to the Macula and Surrounding Tissues and Structures
  • Literature Review: Sampling from Key Publications
  • Liability: Failure to Warn and Design Defect Claims
  • Alternative Causation, Patient Factors, Latency, and other related matters
  • Case Criteria


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