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The phone numbers you use for your mass tort campaign can make the difference between inefficient spending and running a sustainable campaign with a case cost that makes sense.

Running a mass tort campaign requires managing many moving parts. Because of the volume of cases in a mass tort, the process can be overwhelming if you don’t have an effective system in place.

Setting a demographic profile is a crucial step in planning a mass tort campaign. At CAMG, we start by setting a broad target, considering age range and gender.

Are you looking for data-driven marketing for your law firm?

As a full-service agency, CAMG handles everything from marketing and creative to the support your law firm needs to operate campaigns at the maximum efficiency.
The CAMG Legal Marketing Index®

Significantly Increase your Marketing Success, on us.

CAMG’s Legal Marketing Index® offers unprecedented reporting and comprehensive analysis of real-time data. Because more intelligent marketing decisions mean a better ROI.
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